The Indiana Jones Cat Bridge (now called the Roped Cat Bridge) was the first product we ever made. After seeing how much our cats loved it and the response it generated out of friends and family, we decided to start creating these for everyone to enjoy.

Bridges are a great solution if you need to create pathways for cats across windows, doorways, or hallway openings. They also make great napping spots. Since the beginning of our company, the Indiana Jones Bridge has been one of our most popular items.

Every space is unique, so our bridges can be built in many different shapes and sizes. The standard bridge comes with two 9”x18” platforms and uses twine as a side rail, but we can also customize the length, width, and roping of these to help fit your needs. Some common customizations are putting a hole for cats to climb through in one of the platforms, having a perpendicular 9″x12” platform on one or both ends to cross a parallel opening, and upgrade the side roping to be a colored paracord, rather than twine.

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