About Us



Mike has his GED along with a small handful of purple participation ribbons from being on a swim team.


Megan can jump higher than almost anybody I know. She also has a rare bottle cap collection.


Our Cats


Heisenberg is our middle cat. He hates cups of water on counter tops, and does his best to push any of them he finds onto the floor. He is a Bengal-Siamese mix.


Lylah is our youngest and smallest cat, a rescue. She took Heisenberg’s spot of being the cutest cat in the house, and she knows it, which makes her a little bit of a bully. She is a Calico.


Ickle is our larger cat. His energy level is very low and gets out of breath very easily. He is a Desert Lynx.


Day 1


We’re a shop with pretty humble beginnings. The first piece we built was our Indiana Jones Cat Bridge. After my mom saw it, she said we should start selling them on Etsy, and we just grew from there. For the first month, we built everything in our third floor apartment, in Portland, OR. We had a miter saw and a table saw in our spare bedroom and did all the sanding by hand. We did all the noisy cutting after the lady in the apartment under us went to work.

DAY 33


After that, we graduated to renting the smallest garage in Portland to do all the wood cutting, sanding, and staining. Working with Matt Kindall, who owned a local business building toddler furniture, we made the proper changes to ensure we were creating quality, safe cat furniture.

We launched our supermario Cat Complex. Which received an over whelming amount of attention online.

DAY 110

On The Road

In the last year, we’ve been lucky enough to receive a lot of attention online, including a write-up by NBC news and an interview an BBC Radio in the UK. We eventually got backed up to the point that we couldn’t keep working our other jobs and moved to Grand Rapids, MI to pursue building cat furniture full time.

Day 115



This was a huge deal at the time. Megan and I moved into a two bedroom townhome with a two car garage. We planned to make it a cat furniture super factory. But two months and 3 employees later it was crowded and unmanageable… and cold, because our super factory garage wasn’t heated.


DAY 235


We ended up getting a commercial space, which made it the fourth time moving the workshop in less then a year. After five months in the new space, we have nine wonderful employees and are quickly outgrowing our new space.

Present day – 2nd commercial space

Our 2nd commercial space was a big move for us because it gave us two separate warehouses so we could have the wood shop in a separate space. This helps with sawdust traveling to finished products and was something we wished we did a lot sooner. 

After a year in the space we started to realize we should’ve gone a little larger. We recently added a second shift so that employees aren’t having to share stations.

We are absolutely blown away that we’re able to be doing this for a living. Huge thanks to everybody that’s helped us get to this point, whether you’ve bought one of our pieces or mentioned the shop to a friend. We are so lucky to have such great fans.