Humane Society of Huron Valley

This was a really fun installation. Humane Society of Huron Valley is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We use to live in Ann Arbor, and any chance to visit the charming city is a treat. For this one, we teamed up with the nice folks at PetCube to do a joint donation. HSHV is an award-winning shelter that is absolutely … Read More

Cascades Humane Society

The folks at Cascades Humane Society in Jackson, MI let us outfit one of their rooms. We decided to mount a Roman Cat Fort, with sisal posts that they can climb and an Indiana Jones Cat Bridge for their little ones to adventure onto for naps. We were really excited for this project because this facility has some really amazing … Read More


@Love2Foster is a huge Instagram account that fosters kittens for multcopets. They’re located near Portland, Oregon, which is close to our heart, since it’s where we lived when we started the shop. After seeing their awesome videos and photos we became huge fans. These videos are so good! Thanks Sheila. It's time for meet and greets. If you or anyone you know … Read More

Shelters and Cat Cafes

All the furniture we make that has imperfections, like dings or scratches, gets donated to cat shelters. All we ask is that the shelter covers shipping costs to send the furniture. If you operate a shelter and would rather have furniture custom made for the space, we offer a 10% discount on all furniture to any non-profit shelter with a … Read More

Indiana Jones Tiger Bridge Donation

One of our main goals in designing our furniture is with the thought of keeping cats’ minds active by enriching their environment, which helps with a multitude of behavior problems. The first piece we ever built, and our cats’ favorite piece, was an Indiana Jones-style cat bridge. We decided to create a large version of this for two rescued Tigers … Read More