Mounting The Cat Mod – Tower

This new complex features a new Cat Mod attachment; the Cat Mod – Step. This is a nice option for homes with multiple cats because it has multiple routes up and down the complex.

Wall of Sisal Posts

We’ve been running into issues with our cats’ lack of motivation and discipline. This called for some type of extreme training regimen. Since military style push-ups were out of the question, we saw this as our only option: putting this epic Floating Sisal Post wall together, tossing toys to each of the hammocks, then photographing the ensuing chase. Since we … Read More

New collection of Cat Trees

We have just finished the last steps of prototyping our new collection of cat trees. We’re very excited about this collection. They will be produced so that people can customize them and build them up like legos. We are going to offer small, medium, and large designs, with prices ranging from $200-$500. A couple things that will set this collection … Read More