Biplane Mounting Instructions

All of the shelves that make the wings have brackets mounted on the tops.

The first step is to separate and arrange the platforms. The top wing is made of three sections: two 34” shelves with three holes drilled out of the bottom of them and an 18” shelf with a large hole for the cats to jump through. 

The bottom wing has two 34” shelves with three holes drilled out of the top of them and an 18” shelf with no hole. The cat bed will be mounted in between the two wings to create a cockpit. 

This piece has brackets lined up for six studs, spaced at 16” apart on center. In the figure below, the shaded lines show these studs and which brackets are meant to be installed into them. The cat bed has two brackets that are meant to be installed into drywall with drywall anchors. There are four other brackets that are also meant to be installed with drywall anchors.

To mount the Biplane, you’re going to want a person to help you, so you have an extra set of hands. Start by using a pencil to mark where the two wings are going to go on your wall:

Find and mark the centers of the six studs you're using, and use that as a basis for where you draw the lines where the wings are going to go. Next, draw a straight line 86” long. We used a yard stick to do this. Then, at four different points, make marks 18” under that line. Now, using the yard stick, connect those dots. Find and mark the center of each of the two lines. Each of the wing sections will be mounted along these two lines, with the tops of the boards lining up with the lines.

Mount the bottom three shelves. Start with the left side, having the other person hold up the shelf while you mark through the holes with a pencil. Line the outside brackets of the left wing up with the first stud you marked. Then take each shelf down and drill a hole to see if you are hitting a stud. If you hit a stud, use the screws; if you are hitting drywall then use a drywall anchor or toggle bolt. (Each shelf section should have at least one bracket mounted into a stud or with toggle bolt. For the remaining holes, use either drywall anchors or the extra screws for mounting into studs.) Mount all three shelves that make up the bottom wing.

Now place all six poles in their holes, located on the top of each of the longer shelves on the bottom wing. The two longer poles need to be placed in their holes at an angle.

Next, mount the top section of the wing from left to right, in the same manner you mounted the bottom wing, lining up the top of the shelves with the top line marked on the wall. As you're mounting the shelves in place, place the poles in the bottom holes on the two longer shelves.

Attaching the propeller

A bracket needs to be installed onto the back of the propeller. Position the bracket like in the photo below and use the two small black screws to attach it to the back.

Next, attach the propeller to the front of the cat bed using Figures 3, 4, and 5. There are two screws included to attach it. Then mount the cat bed between the two wings, so that your cat can jump through the hole onto the bed. 

Because the shelves of the wings don’t sit perfectly level with one another, we added black metal strips that are used to attach the front of each split section of the wing to line them up correctly. These need to be attached after the plane is installed on the wall. There are short black screws included for mounting these; see the image below. Although this step is pictured with the plane unmounted, this step should be completed after plane is mounted on the wall.

Next, cut out the wall vinyl. We ended up only using the wheels for the pictures we posted, but you could also use more of the image as well. Looking at the photo below to see positioning, place the wall vinyl so that the wheels are centered along the bottom wing.

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